Season 5 Premier Episode

Thank you to "FaceOff" and Syfy for asking some of the Heroes of Cosplay cast to make a little appearance.
From left to right: Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan of Crabcat Industries, myself in my original Absinthe Fairy costume, Midnight Armor and Riddle's Messy Wardrobe!

We loved that the setting was the Park Plaza, and oddly enough I wore the same Absinthe Fairy costume in that building in 2011 for the Jareth's Labyrinth Ball! The FaceOff producers selected my Absinthe Fairy from my collection of original costumes as the one I would be wearing on the show. Since it was a surprise to us where we would be headed for the FaceOff shoot, I had a serious cosplay déjà vu moment when I realized where I was!!

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