Costumes made/modeled by Yaya between 1999 - now.

Leia (Slave version) - Star Wars Episode VI

This is the only costume in my costuming gallery that I DID NOT make.

I decided to put up a gallery here for Princess Leia only because the photos were snapshots taken at San Diego Comic Con and not do qualify to be in a modeling gallery. The convention setting with it's booth displays and attendees make it impossible to do a real photoshoot.

I was asked by Jamin of to join the annual Slave Leia gathering at San Diego Comic Con 2008 because they needed a first time metal bikini wearer to talk about the experience for the Canadian TV Show "Ed The Sock". I was honored that Jamin approached me for that feature! He loaned a beautiful costume to me for one day and I had a good time doing the gathering as well as posing for photos with Jabba The Hut! As a long-time Star Wars fan I wanted to make sure I was in good enough shape to pull off the bikini, and I also made Leia's gold earrings to complete the outfit.

You can see me in this footage G4 took at Comic Con!

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Photographer Brian Boling

Model Yaya Han

Hair & Makeup Yaya Han


Worn At San Diego Comic Con 2008