Yahoo Voice Cosplay Interview

Yahoo Voice Cosplay Interview

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Yahoo Voice asked if I would explain some things about Cosplay, lol.

In any subculture there is one or two people who stand out and give those around inspiration. Yaya Han is one of the most significant person in the cosplay world, and she is that person. She strives to educate those around that cosplay is about the art of creating a character, through costume and acting. Yaya makes all of costumes from beginning design stage to the completed work. She is an icon to us all. We had a lovely conversation about cosplay and what makes a cosplay remarkable.

What are some of your hobbies outside of the cosplay and anime world?

It seems everything encompasses work. But I like to hang out with my friends and be social. I am prefectly fine with dinner and a movie with them. I also like anything outdoorsy. When I visit my mom in Germany we like to go hiking, I also like rock climbing.

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