Cosplay Gen Feature on Audio Interview

Cosplay Gen Feature on Audio Interview

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I sat down with Eric Greer at Otakuthon 2011 to for a great chat about cosplay. He called the finished product "A PERSPECTIVE IN COSPLAY WITH YAYA HAN".

In August 2011, Eric Greer participated as a media team director in the Otakuthon convention in Montréal, Québec, together with Christine Lee, and interviewed the famous cosplayer Yaya Han, who was also featured in the first issue of Cosplay Gen.

Throughout this interview you’ll find out Yaya’s opinion about cosplay and some particularities of it, and also about the cosplay community and her evolution as a cosplayer, together with some aspects regarding the history of cosplay. It surely is a very interesting and enjoyable interview to listen to. Read More

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  1. Picture of Christopher Healey
    Christopher Healey /  17 March, 2014

    Nice interview.

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