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Thank you,, for the cosplay gallery feature! They published a gallery for each of the Heroes of Cosplay cast members in the week leading up to our Premier. Here is my gallery!

Mention the name Yaya and cosplayers get excited. Yaya is Yaya Han, and not only is she one of the pioneers of Costume Play (aka cosplay), but she continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with costuming. Yaya is one of the “heroes” of Syfy's docu-series Heroes of Cosplay, which follows nine cosplayers around the world as they cosplay and complete in costume competitions at comic-book and genre conventions for prizes and costuming glory.

“It's a creative expression. It's an art form,” said Han, who is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer. “It's not just alternative modeling. It's not just Halloween. For me, it definitely takes a lot of dedication to make a costume. I think you'll see a similar level of dedication with each cast member, but I think you'll see a difference in quality in the costumes that they produce, because everybody comes from a different experience level.” Read More

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