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Manny of did an interview about me and my costumes.

Let’s take a look at the costumes of Yaya Han! Anyone remotely interested in cosplay, cons and pop culture has likely heard of her. I’ve wanted to feature Yaya for quite some time, but honestly, I’ve been daunted by the task. Where to start? She literally has a 100 million amazing costumes. Words like “beautiful” and “incredible” just don’t do her justice. And while I’m not trying to make cosplay all about competition (I prefer encouraging everyone to have costume fun), it must be said that Yaya Han is one of the top, if not the very top cosplayer in the world — and quite possibly, the entire universe.

Yaya Han is an international model, costume designer, cosplayer, and actress. She speaks at least 6 different languages, and flies all around the world to attend conventions, teach costume workshops, perform on stage, lead discussion panels, sign autographs, and much more. Yaya most recently had a booth at the New York Comic Con, then immediately flew to Madrid, Spain. She never seems to stop moving! According to her booking calender, Yaya’s next appearance is on Nov. 11th in Ireland, where she’s the Cosplay Guest of Honor at Eirtakon. Though something tells me she’ll do 100 different things between now and then. Read More


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