Yaya will be at the following events!

Upcoming Events:

Polymanga: Montreux, Switzerland - April 3rd - 6th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Megacon: Orlando - April 10th - 12th, Booth 417 only! 

Calgary ExpoCalgary, Canada - April 16th - 19th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Fantasy Basel: Basel, Switzerland - May 14th - 16th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Dreamhack Summer: Jönköping, Sweden - June 13th - 16th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Barbados - August 15th - 16th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

The Merchandise Booth will be set up at the following events. Please note that Yaya is currently NOT scheduled to be at these events, as she is prioritizing conventions that invite her as a Guest. If you'd like to see her at any of these cons, please feel free to recommend her as a Guest to the organizers:
Seattle - April 3rd - 5th in Exhibitor Hall
Anime Central: Chicago - May 15th - 17th in Exhibit Hall
Fanime: San Jose - May 22nd - 25th in Exhibit Hall
A-kon: Dallas - June 5th - 7th in Exhibit Hall 
Anime Expo: Los Angeles - July 2nd - 5th in Exhibit Hall
Otakon: Baltimore - July 24th - 26th in Exhibit Hall
Bronycon: Baltimore - August 7th - 9th in Exhibit Hall
Dragoncon: Atlanta - September 4th - 7th in Exhibit Hall

More events will be added as they are confirmed, check back soon!

If you run a convention or festival and would like to invite Yaya to appear as a Guest/Judge/Speaker/Panelist/Performer at your event, please visit the Booking page!

Recently Appeared At:

London Super Comic Con: London, UK - March 15th - 16th *invited Cosplay Guest*

Megacon: Orlando, FL - March 21st - 23rd

Emerald City Comic Con: Seattle, WA - March 28th - 31st 

Middle East Film & Comic Con: Dubai - April 3rd - 5th *invited Guest*

Wondercon: Anaheim, CA - April 18th - 20th 

C2E2: Chicago, IL - April 25th - 27th *invited Guest* 

Otafest: Calgary, Canada - May 16th - 18th *invited Guest*

Fanime: San Jose, CA - May 23rd - 26th *exhibitor*

A-kon: Dallas, TX - June 6th - 8th *invited Guest* + *exhibitor*

Animecon: The Haag, Netherlands - June 13th - 15th *invited Guest*

DreamHack: Jönköping, Sweden - June 16th - 17th *invited Guest, judge of the Cosplay Championship*

Anime Expo: Los Angeles, CA - July 3rd - 6th *Exhibitor at booth #920/922*

San Diego Comic Con: San Diego, CA - July 18th - 21st *attending professional*

Otakon: Baltimore, MD - August 9th - 11th *Exhibitor*

Anime Revolution: Vancouver, Canada - August 22nd - 24th *Cosplay Guest* 

Fan Expo: Toronto, Canada - August 28th and 29th *Cosplay Guest* 

Dragoncon: Atlanta, GA - August 30th - September 1st *Exhibitor*

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Atlanta, GA - September 26th - 28th *Cosplay Guest* + *Exhibitor*

New York Comic Con: Manhattan, NY - October 9th - 12th 

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo: Los Angeles, CA - October 31st - November 2nd *Cosplay Guest* + *Exhibitor*

Ottawa Pop Expo: Ottawa, Canada - November 22nd - 23rd *invited Cosplay Guest*

New York WinterCon: New York City, NY - December 6th *invited Cosplay Guest*

SacAnime: Sacramento, CA - January 2nd - 4th *invited Cosplay Guest*

Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience: Salt Lake City, UT - January 29th - 31st *Invited Cosplay Guest: Booth number is 1241/1340, Cosplay Q&A on Saturday, Jan 31st, 4pm in Room 250A, costume contest judge*

Katsucon: National Harbor, MD - February 13th - 15th *Invited Cosplay Guest: I will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall, and host multiple panels during the weekend!*

London Super Comic Con: London, UK - March 14th - 15th *Invited Cosplay Guest: I will have a booth in the Guest Area, partake in the Cosplay Q&A, and be a judge for the Cosplay Championship*